Hanlontown, Iowa

City Established 1899

Community Service Award

Eligibility Requirements for Hanlontown Community Club's Community Service Award are as follows:

1.     The award is open to all high school seniors who live in the immediate Hanlontown area, or who have a connection to the Hanlontown community. A connection to the Hanlontown community may be by the students parent/parents being active members of a Hanlontown community service organization (Community Club, Fire Department, Citizens Savings Bank Museum, Library Board, Sundown Day Committee, Sundowner Publication Staff) or by being a member of Grace Lutheran Church.

2.     Becaue of COVID-19 there has been little opertunity for community service in the last year. For 2020 graduates no community service is required in the last 12 months. Enter all community service preformed since graduation from Middle School.  During the 12 months preceding the application the applicant must provide a minimum of 12 hours of community service, 8 of which must be for the Hanlontown Community. Except for LYO activities, volunteer work at Grace Lutheran counts toward the requirement, however as this is a service you would have preformed anyway and if it is your only Hanlontown related community service others could have a better chance at receiving an award.

3.     The award is granted to high school seniors who will be enrolled as a full time student in an accredited college leading to a 2-year Associates degree or a 4-year Bachelors degree.

Start your community service in the spring of your junior year. Don't want until the last minute . Keep a record each community service activity you perform, along with the number of hours worked. The community Club will provide a several chances for you to obtain the necessary hours of community service. These opportunities will be found in the Community Club article in the Sundowner.

The award application should be saved to your computer so that you can work on it as your time permits.

You can type on the form with most versions of Adobe Reader. Adobe reader however will not allow you to save what you have typed.

Nuance has a free PDF reader that will allow you to fill out and save pdf forms. The download link for the free reader is on the lower left of the page on the Nuance Website. Do not register the product if you don't want to receive a lot of advertising on their products. They will reminded you to register it a number of times before they give you a option of not registering.